30123 – 21.01.2023 – first whale spotting of semester 2

Yesterday was our second day of sailing in semester 2! The weather was great, so most floaties were up on deck, many spending the day in hammocks. We also had our first whale spotting of semester 2! In the evening we spotted Guadeloupe and a few other neighbouring islands. At midnight, watch 2 and 3 performed a “halse” as we changed the course of the ship towards Dominica!

Time: 08:00

Date: January 21st 2023

Longitude: 18°N

Latitude: 62°W

Sea state: 2

Temperature: 26°C

Distance to destination: 29 nm

Average speed: 6.25 nm

Distance travelled: 280 nm

Sails set: 8

Log keepers: Keira & David