29.11.2021 – A triple rainbow over the island

Date: 29.11.2021


A triple rainbow over the island


Good morning! Yesterday afternoon while arriving at our destination of La Gomera we witnessed a triple rainbow over the island; we have since deemed it ‘rainbow island’. Last night we had a little pizza party on the ship which was a nice taste of home for all of us. Follow @sashaiseating for more on our eating habits.


Date: Monday November 29th

Time: 08:00

Latitude: 28 degrees 04.7 minutes north

Longitude: 17 degrees 19.9 minutes west

Distance travelled in last 24 hours: 12 nautical miles

Total distance travelled on this voyage: 486

Distance to destination: 0 nautical miles

Temperature: 20 degrees

Wind force: 2

Sea state: 0

Sailing status: not sailing

Logkeeper: Josefine Filipowski