29.01.2024 – A wonderful last day in Bridgetown

To start off the day each Cabin had to clean their room. After everyone completed the cabin check  successfully the fun part of the day started. Since we were able to welcome the new students a few days ago and the new watches gathered together, we now decided to do a watch day, to build up a new community.  All watches had the same idea and in the end we accidentally all met up at the beach.

So, we all spent a lovely day at Carlisle Beach with amazing smoothies and ice creams for everyone.

In the evening, excitement was increasing, as we were about leave the port for the first time this semester. Watches started again and a new daily routine started to emerge slowly. The well known feeling of a rocking ship spread peace in the mess and so a successful day found its end.

Daily update:

  • Date: 29th of January, 2024
  • Latitude: 14 Degrees North
  • Longitude: 60 Degrees West
  • average speed in last 24h: 5kn
  • distance last 24h: 55nm
  • Total distance: 55nm
  • distance to destination: 140nm
  • sailing status: 7 sail up
  • sea state: 3
  • log keepers: Jordan, Christina