28.01.2024 – A very sunny and equally productive day in Barbados!

On Saturday 27 january 2024 watches 2,4 and 6 climbed the rigs to foil the sails. Our new crew did a splendid job and it is hard to believe they just arrived! Our german crew rotation gave a fabulous opportunity to floaties who are OS to take over the watch lead position during this exercise, which they did with serenity and expertise, getting their crew to proficiently acquitting themselves of the task. Watches 1,3 and 5 went through their sail training yesterday and today they attended their interactive SOCO seasion. In the afternoon each watch had  the chance to develop their distincrive set of values, relying on this to support each other in their future shared endeavours.

today is january 28

we have travelled a total of 7091 nautical miles since Bremerhaven

the distance to our next destination, Dominica, is 180 nautical miles

the sea state is about 2 on the beaufort scale with a mild breeze and a small but rythmic swell coming from the Arlantic into the cruise harbor


Mélanie Pagès (she/her)

Teacher (Biology, Oceans)