15.02.2022 – It cooled down

The weather changed yesterday as we headed north away from the Caribbean. It cooled down and the rains came so we were back in our foulies and heading for Bermuda. Whales were spotted close to the ship, along with a Man-o-War jellyfish. The game of assassins came to an end with Alex Pauling crowned champion. We’re yet to find out which boy stole the most hearts on Valentine’s Day. Yoga club starts today at 9am in study hall.


Date : 15th February 2022

Time: 0800

Latitude: 30 deg 36 N

Longitude: 64 deg 57W

Wind force: 6/7

Sea state: 4/5

Temperature: 18 degrees

Weather: Sunny

Distance in 24 hr: 125 NM

Distance to Destination: 105 NM

Speed: 6.0 Kn

Sailing status: 8 sails up

Log keeper: Carleen and Chantal