05.02.2024 – Everyone is looking forward

It is February 4th 2024, students are falling in to their normal everyday class routine. Talks about home stay gifts and the arrival to the Dominican Republic is todays topic of conversation and many students are getting excited for what is to come. Everyone is looking forward to painting houses and building playground structures to help out a local community. Students are adjusting to classes well and lots of interesting class topics are being discussed.


Date: February 5th 2024

Temperature: 27.5 degrees Celsius

Latitude: 16 degrees 45.15 minutes North

Longitude: 68 degrees 16.21 minutes West

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 5.7kn

Distance in the last 24 hours: 44.2nm

Total distance travelled: 400.1nm

Total distance to destination: 140.5nm

Sea state: 1

Wind: 4

Sailing status: 8 sails up

Log keeper: Anya