01.12.2023 – Each watch is responsible for one task

As we approach Cabo Verde, with an estimated arrival time of the 5th or 6th, the floaties have been finding loads of ways to stay busy and have fun on board. The fishing club, as well as the ship’s orchestra have been in full fling, with more and more members attending and getting involved. Today we got to experience catching and filleting a 20lb striped tuna! Lots of students got their hands dirty preparing the fish for the kitchen. We’ve also been keeping busy with the various deck projects assigned by the bosun to the student crew body. Each watch is responsible for one task, such as de-rusting railings, oiling wood, and painting. The orchestra continued with their daily rehearsal in preparation for the concert that is happening on sunday – the addition of Christmas tunes and another sea shanty was met with great appraisal! In the future we hope to keep some sails up, keep the engine off, and kceep on this bright smooth passage to Cabo.


1st of December  08.00

Latitude: 21 degrees 34.69 min N

Longitude: 18 degrees 55.87 min W

Average speed last 24h: 3 kn

Distance last 24h: 57.5 nm

Total distance travelled: 749.3 nm

Total distance to destination: 446,5 nm

Temperature: 22C

Sea state: 2

Wind state: 4

Sailing status: 12 sails up

Log keeper: Valerie and Anya